Music Wristbands Offered For Those Housing SXSW Artists In Austin

AUSTIN, TX — Organizers of the massive South by Southwest Conference and Festivals next month are seeking hosts to offer lodging for international artists, offering music wristbands for concerts in exchange for the hospitality.

The International Artist Home Share Program aims to offset lodging costs for international artists invited to participate in SXSW. Last year, the SXSW Music Festival showcased an array of international acts with more than 60 countries represented among more than 540 international music acts. While artists descend from all corners of the globe to showcase their music, home share hosts are able to highlight good old Texas hospitality while helping musicians out with lodging.

The home share program began in the early ’90s, festival organizers noted. “Past hosts have found this program very rewarding, and many, if not most, of these artists and hosts have had wonderful experiences and created lasting friendships with each other,” SXSW officials said.

Host sign ups are open online by clicking here. Interested hosts needing additional information about the International Artist Home Share Program can visit the International Artist Home Share Program page by clicking here or by contacting the SXSW International Artist Home Share Coordinator via email at or by calling (512) 467-7979.

The SXSW Music Festival runs from March 12-18, 2018.


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